The London Scottish Bowling Association currently has 83 members
This is not a complete list, only those who have given permission for their name to appear on the website.
If you wish to add your name and clubs please send me an email or letter
If the information about your clubs needs to be updated then let me know

Surname First Name Outdoor Club Indoor Club
Alexander Robert Linslade Bletchley
Alexander Teresa Linslade Bletchley
Anderson Doug Croydon Croydon
Bechelet Nigel Basingstoke Town Longmeadow
Brady Alex Tongham Rushmoor
Brady Naomi Milford Unattached
Brechin Marjorie Supreme King George Field
Brechin John Southey King George Field
Brown Kennedy Linslade Kempston Park
Cabot David Wellington Sutton
Cameron John Balham Croydon
Christie Ross Windlesham Egham
Cates Sam Redhill Donyngs
Clark Tommy>/TD> Brackley Brackley
Conley Eric Long Eaton Town Erewash
Court Keith Cove Camberley
Connor Robert Harperbury Hatfield
Craig Allan Eastbourne Langley
Dick Alan Potters Bar Woodside
Dick Mary Potters Bar Woodside
Dickie John Cove Camberley
Dickie John Jnr Horsell Unattached
Dickie William Cove Rushmoor
Dickie Susan Cove Camberley
Dickson Richard Camberley Camberley
Docker Robert Bedhampton Unattached
Findlay Nigel Streatham Park Unattached
Finestone Eric Bushey Watford
Flemming Alex Chipping Norton Oxford City & County
Frankland Angela Bounds Green Bounds Green
Frankland Allister BoundS Green Bounds Green
Gillies Ian Horsell Unattached
Gray Gary Flitwick Luton
Grierson Philip HSBC Sevenoaks
Guerin Ann Cove Camberley
Guerin John Cove Camberley
Harton Alan Cove Rushmoor
Hewitt Richard Egham Egham
Hogg Ian Chessington King George
Hogg Gillian
Jewitt Martin Wimbledon Park Croydon
Johnston Robert tba Donyngs
Kane Robert Woodford Ilford
Kay Peter St Albans Hatfield
Keating Alexander Popes Mead Grattons
Kidger Margaret Wokingham Whiteknights
Kidger Ian Wokingham Whiteknights
Langley Michael Haperbury Hatfield
Langley Aaron Haperbury Hatfield
Lawrie Robert St Albans Townsend Watford
Lindsay Jimmy Unattached Leominster
Logan David Boxford Sudbury
Lumsden James Linslade Kempston Park
Macfarlane Maurice Holloway Hill Wey Valley
Mackay Steve Ilford Ilford & Dist
MacLennan Alistair Banstead Neville Mole Valley
McCallum David Camberley Camberley
McCarthy Ian Old Dean Not Attached
McCarthy Leslie Ann Old Dean Not Attached
McCarthy Kelly Old Dean Not Attached
McDonald Morrison Unattached Egham
McDonald Rita Cambridge Park Hounslow
McMillan Andrew Traco Rushmoor
McNicol Alistair Camberley Camberley
Markwick Charlie Tring Foxhill
Marriner Eric Potters Bar Hatfield
Martin George Bournemouth Park Southend IBC
Marsh Margaret Fleet Social Camberley
Marsh Chris Farnborough Camberley
Morton Finlay South London Croydon
Neilson David Harperbury Woodside Watford
Nightingale Derek J Supreme King George
Pelosi Louis Cuddington King George
Peters Colin Frinton Clacton
Picken Dave Herts Herts
Scott Jim Epsom King George
Sergison-Main John Traco Rushmoor
Shepherd Richard Great Baddow Falcon
Stewart Ted Herts Herts
Stewart Betty Herts Herts
Urquhart Ian Alton Social Chawton Park
Wallace David RBL Farnborough Unattached
Watson George Sutton Common Sutton
Webster David Bassestsbury Desborough
Weir Jessica Royston Unattached
Weir Andy Royston Unattached
Wright Jackie Herts Herts

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