Constitution & Rules

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1. The name of the Association shall be the "London Scottish Bowling Association."
2. The objects of the Association shall be :-

a. To promote fellowship among the members and arrange social events.

b. To organise and carry out tours to Scotland thus maintaining close friendship with fellow bowlers in Scotland.

c. To arrange matches and competitions.


3a. The Association shall consist of male and female bowlers of Scottish birth or whose parents or Grandparents were born in Scotland or whose wives or partners are members of the Association. Members should have resident address in or around Greater London and have been duly elected as members by the Council.

3b. The Council shall regard as County Members any elected members who subsequently move to addresses elsewhere but want to retain their link with the Association.

3c. The Council shall also have power to elect to be an Honorary Life Member of the Association any Officer or member deemed by the Council to be worthy and eligible by virtue of long and/or outstanding service to the Association. Life Members shall continue to hold all the rights of a full membe.

4.Persons applying to join the Association must be propopsed and seconded by two members and election shall be by the Council.The Council shall have the power to refuse membership to any person without assigning a reason. The name of the newly elected member shall not be entered in the Register of Members until his first subscription is paid.

5 The financial year of the Association commences on 1st October when subscriptions become due. The name of any member not paying subscriptions for two consecutive years shall be removed from the Register of Members.


6. The Officers of the Association shall consist of the President,Vice President,Junior Vice President,Treasurer,Secretary,Tours Organiser,Match Secretary (Outdoors), Match Secretary (Indoors), Competition Secretary and Publicity Officer. They shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Association and shall retire annually, but be eligible for re-election. Nominations for Junior Vice President shall be given in writing to the Secretary not later than 31st August in any year. Only members who have served on the Council will be eligible. Nominations shall be considered by the Council at its September meeting and submitted to the Annual General Meeting with the Council's recommendation. If no nominations are received by the Secretary, it shall be the duty of the Council to make a recommendation to the Annual General Meeting.

7. The Council of the Association shall consist of the Officers, Past Presidents and and three Council members.
At each Annual General Meeting Council members who have served 3 consecutive years should retire and these members shall not be eligible for re-election within 12 months.
Sufficient Council members should be elected to fill any Council member Vacancies which may occur in Council during the year may be filled by the Council co-opting another member to fill the vacancy. This member shall be eligible to serve a full three year term. There must be six present from the Council to form a quorum.
Vacancies which occur in Council during the year may be filled by the Council co-opting another member to fill the vacancy. This member shall be eligible to serve a full three year term.
Six members of the Council shall form a quorum.


8. The affairs of the Association shall be conducted by the Council, which shall have full power necessary for that purpose, subject to the direction of the members in General Meeting.
9.The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be held within two months of the end of the financial year at such place and time as the Council may determine for the purpose of receiving the Annual Report and statement of Accounts for the preceding year, electing Officers and Council and transacting the general business of the Association.
On presentation of a requisition for an Extraordinary General Meeting of members signed by not less than 12 members and setting forth the business for which the meeting is desired, the Secretary shall forthwith convene such a meeting, the notice of which shall set forth the business to be considered. No General Meeting of members shall be constituted unless at least 16 members are present.
Not less than seven days notice of any such meeting must be given.


10. Members shall be entitled to speak and vote at any General Meeting of the Association.
On demand by not less than ten members at a General Meeting or by five members at a Council Meeting voting shall be by ballot.
The Chairman at all meetings shall have both a deliberative and a casting vote.

Duties of Treasurer

11. The Treasurer shall keep a cash book in which he shall enter all sums received by him on account of the association. An account in the name of the Association shall be kept with such a bank as may be determined by the Council and the Treasurer shall deposit therein monies received by him and when received. All drafts on such account shall be signed by the Treasurer. He shall prepare a financial statement in the form of an Income and Expenditure Account and have a balance sheet prepared up to 30th September in each year and submit same for Audit.
12. The funds of the Association shall be available for expenditure under the direction of the Council

Duties of Secretary

13. The Secretary shall keep a minute book in which she/he shall record the proceedings of the Association and Council during the year and shall annually prepare a report theron to be presented at the annual General Meeting after adoption by the Council.
she/he shall also, under the direction and control of the Council, generally manage and conduct the business and affairs of the Association.


14. An auditor shall be appointed annually by the Association and shall once a year audit the Treasurer's books, which shall for this purpose be closed on the last day of September in each year. The Financial Statement in the form of an account of Income and Expenditure and balance sheet made up to 30th September each year, signed by the Treasurer and certified by the Accounts Examiner, shall be issued annually to members.

Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults

15. The Association is committed to promoting a safe enviroment in which children and Vulnerable Adults can enjoy taking part in a game of bowls. The Association is aware of its duty of care and responsibilities as set out in the Bowls England Guidance for Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults.

Indemnity Clause

16. Each member of the Association shall (to the extent that such person is not entitled to recover under any policy of insurance) be entitled to be indemnified out of all funds available to the Association which may lawfully be so applied against all costs, expenses and liabilities whatsoever [reasonably] incurred by such person in the proper execution and discharge of duties undertaken on behalf of the Association arising there from, or incurred in good faith in the purported discharge of such duties. Save in any such case where any such costs, expenses and liabilities arise in connection with any negligence, default, breach of duty or breach of trust. Provided that any such member so indemnified has been properly authorised in relation to the duties undertaken on behalf of the Association by the Council.

Alterations to Rules

17. No alteration of the Constitution and Rules shall be made except at a General Meeting of the Association and by the vote of not less than two-thirds of the members present at such meeting.
At least one month's notice in writing must be given to the Secrertary of any resolution involving an amendment of or addition to the Constitution or Rules.
Notice of such resolution shall be given to members in the circular calling the meeting at which the resolution is to be proposed.

Privacy Policy


This policy applies to personal information collected by The London Scottish Bowling Association and sets out the principles governing our processing of that information, in the way we use, store, keep secure and disclose it under the Data Protection Act (1998) and the General Data Protection Regulations (2018). Your personal information that is necessary for us to operate our membership includes given and last names, address, post code, telephone and / or mobile numbers and email address.

How do we collect this personal information?
All the information collected is obtained directly from you. This is usually at the point of your application for membership or annual renewal of membership. At the point you provide your personal information for membership purposes, we will also request that you provide consent for us to store and use your data.
Your consent is required in order to ensure our compliance with data protection legislation.

How do we use your personal information?
We limit the collection and use of your personal information. We will tell youthe purpose for which we will process the information. Such purposes may include the following:-
Maintaining our Association data base, to facilitate the administration and management of the Association.
Contacting you with information relating to your membership and details of events and other matters which we think may be of interest to you
Communicating information to other Associations and clubs about fixtures.
Communicating membership information to Bowls England and the English Indoor Bowling Association.
Communicating information for producing and printing of our annual Member’s Yearbook.
Where we need to share your information with an external organisation we will ask your permission.
We will store your information electronically and paper-base from the point of collection for as long as you are a member.
After you cease to be a member your personal information will be retained for a period of 3 months before being deleted/destroyed.
Opt-out choice
You have the right to withdraw at any time your agreement to any of the individual consent options by writing to the secretary.
If now or at any time in the future you decide you do not wish to receive information from us please inform the secretary by email or letter.
Withdrawal of consent will be acted on within 3 months.
We strive to protect the privacy and security of our database, and to maintain the reliability and accuracy of Personal Information.
We will hold information collected by us on a computer and in other forms.
Although we cannot guarantee the security of all transmissions of personal information, especially where the internet is involved, we take all reasonable steps to ensure security of all transmissions.
We will send all emails bcc unless agreed otherwise.
You accept the inherent security implications of providing information and will not hold us responsible for any breach of security or disclosure of information unless we have been proved to be negligent.
With whom do we share your information?
The people who may have access to your Personal Information are:-
Committee members of London Scottish Bowling Association.
Other Association members.
Bowls England.
English Indoor Bowling Association.
Other affiliated Associations.
Website administrator.
We may take photographs of you attending matches or other events and we may wish to use them for marketing or advertising purpose, or publishing on the websit
We will only include details or names of any person in an image on any website or in printed publications for a good reason.
For example we may include the full name of a competition prize winner.
Information Access and Corrections
You need to inform the secretary of any changes to your personal information.
You have right of access under the General Data Protection Regulations to information we hold about you on our records.
Policy changes
This policy may change from time to time. If we make any major changes we will inform you by email or letter.

Policy adopted: March 2019.
Review date: March 2020.

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