A Brief History of the London Scottish Bowling Association

All too often, as years and people pass by, the history of Associations such as ours become neglected, memories are dimmed and records are lost - such is the situation of the London Scottish Bowling Association due mainly to the fact that the LSBA Council minutes from 1919 to the early 1980's have either been lost, mislaid or destroyed. What follows is an attempt to put on record a little of the history, however modest, of the London Scottish Bowling Association.Thanks to David Carson, Alan Alvey and Jimmy Bayne for the research and to Jim Lumsden for collation and editing

May reading it give you and future members a great deal of pleasure.

The London Scottish Bowling Association was formed on 2nd December 1919, just three months after the first seed had been planted at Bellingham Bowling Club in the previous September, when sitting on the veranda after a Rosebery Cup match, Mr William Taylor, a famous Dulwich skip, turned to fellow Scot, Jimmie Duff and congratulated him on the success of his Club's arrangements for the match.

He asked if he had ever thought of forming a Scottish Association - Mr Duff replied that he had mentioned such an Association to his old friend Mr James Manson of the Belmont Bowling Club. Mr Manson was not only a keen bowler but was the author of " The Complete Bowler" and a recognised authority on bowls, as the literary correspondent for the London and Southern Counties Bowling Association as well as bowls reporter to one of the Scottish papers in London.

Mr Duff invited Mr Manson to his home to discuss the formation of a Scottish Association of bowlers. Being in agreement, they then contacted Mr J O Grant (Mid Surrey) and found him also warmley responsive to their suggestion, wherby they agreed to call a meeting of a few Scots bowlers at Mr Grant's office. This and subsequent meetings were held among the pioneers, in addition to Messrs James Duff, James Manson, J O Grant and W Taylor were D B McBride (Westcliff BC), Tom Robertson (South London BC) and A Adamson (Crouch HillBC).

James Manson presided at these meetings where plans and comprehensive precepts were formulated and decisions reached as to what the constitutio should be and embrace.

The first General Meeting of the London Scottish Bowling Association was held at the Royal Scottish Corporation Hall on December 2nd 1919. This meeting was attended by 42 eager and notable Scottish Bowlers, who witnessed and acclaimed with applause the birth of the Association and consecrated as a chosen medium to cultivate and maintain ties of friendship with "brither" bowlers from the Homeland.

Prior to this time, Scots bowlers in London met annually on the green to compete for the Rosebery Cup. This competition had been started in 1912 when an eminent Scottish bowler, Mr D B McBride of the Westcliff Bowling Club, Essex, induced his great friend Lord Rosebery, to present to the EBA a handsome silver cup for an anual bowls match between English and Scottish members of the Clubs under the jurisdiction of the EBA and functioning within a radius of fifteen miles of Charing Cross. The match was to be of 48 players each side, on a green selected by the EBA - who also, at first selected the players. The game lapsed from 1916 until 1919 when on a warm September evening it was revived once again at Bellingham.

Thus it can be said that Mr D B McBride in his 1912 meeting with Lord Rosebery was unwittingly instrumental in the formation of the London Scottish Bowling Association years later.

James H. Duff was the first President of the Association and continued as President for four years before relinquishing the office so that he might continue as Tour Organiser which till then he combined with the presidency.

Mr Duff's charm and versatility in handling both the domestic functions and the tours were potent factors in laying the foundations of the London Scottish Bowling Association in London and Scotland.

It is interesting to note that, before the turn of the century, Mr Duff was requested by the Scottish Bowling Association to draw up a set of rules to cover the game of bowls. These rules were later adopted by the London and Southern Counties Bowling Association upon their founding in 1895 and accepted and adpoted by the English Bowling Association upon their founding in 1903. It follows, therefore, that the basic rules upon which our game has evolved were drawn up by our own Founder President.

in 1950, having in mind the services of its Founder President, the Association adopted the MacDuff tartan as the colors of the tie to be worn by members when playing Association matches.

The example and high standard set by founder President Jimmy Duff have been the targets of his successors and all within the compass of their attainments have maintained and upheld the dignity and prestige of the Association. Since 1947 Presidents when installed have been invested with a handsome badge of the Association attached to a Royal Stuart tartan collar - a gift from Mrs A Hamilton-Ellis as a memento of a very happy year during her husband's presidency.

The respect of the London Scottish was richly deserved in the bowling world and the traditions it has built up and maintained are, to a very large measure, the result of the unstinted efforts, enthusiasm and dedication of all its officers, past and present.

John Calderwood of the Bellingham Bowling Club filled the office of Honorary Secretary with distinction from 1926 to 1946, a truly remarkable record. He was suceeded by Logan Smith of Gunnersbury Park Bowling Club who had been Honorary Treasurer for 9 years (1938 - 1946) and who continued tp serve in the office of Honorary Secretary for 15 years (1947 - 1961). Davd Carson OBE who had been Assistant Secretary for 6 years became Honorary Secretary from 1964 - 1969. He wrote the "Precis of the Story of the London Scottish Bowling Association" and it proved to be an academic exercise.

A Profile of James Bayne
which appeared in the " A Brief History to Commemorate the 75th Aniversary of the Association" booklet

A native of Kirkcaldy, Jimmy Bayne started his career in Sales where he worked long hours in the day and then taught piano at night times. During the war years Jimmy served with the Seaforth Highlanders and the RASC.
Jimmy was always destined for a position of responsibilty and rose to the rank of Warrant Officer at the Staff College in Camberley. On leaving the forces, he joined the Civil Service in the Home Office and later transferred to the Ministry of Health where he worked until his tetirement in 1982.
Jimmy has always been a keen sportsman. Before his bowling days he was a keen footballer and took up refereeing when his playing days were over. His other great passion is music. An accomplished pianist, Jimmy ran the Rhythm Kings Dance Band and played all over the country. He was always ready to help in entertaining all types of people and frquently the elderly.
However, it was probably in bowls that he has won most acclaim. He joined Wokingham Bowling Club in 1957 where he held offices of Secretary and Treasurer. He has been Wokingham Singles Champion on no fewer than seven occsions.
His pedigree as a bowler is self evident: he was Berkshire County Singles Champion in 1962; won the London and Souther Counties Gold Bage (Champion of Champions)in 1965; won the Civil Service National (England) Championships; British Isles Triple Champion (Civil Srvice). A berkshire Middleton Cup Player, he qualified for the EBA Championships 8 times (Berks & Hants); Qualified for the EIBA Championships twice; and was a Civil Service English Internationalist; the list is endless!
in 1962 Jimmy was widely tipped to gain full international honours and indeed was nominated for the English International team in 1966. However, it is reported that the politics of the day led to Jimmy being overlooked. He is highly respected both as a man and a formidable opponent. He plays to win and often does: His greatest asset is boldness which allied with his indisputable skill makes him a somewhat overpowering opponent.
He never lets up, appears to have little or no nerves and picks up pots and prizes without much effort. Jimmy's knowledge of the game and his enthusiasm for it are infectious, to say the least. He is a born committee man and has made an outstanding contribution to the London Scottish Bowling Association. He joined the Association in 1959, has been a member for 35 years and during this period has held office as: President in 1975, 1986 and 1994; Secretary 1988; Treasurewr 1982 to date; Tours Organiser 1980 - 1987; Publicity Officer 1973 - 1975.
To have given as much time and to have been as successful as Jimmy you need to have a very understanding and supportive wife. It would be very remiss, in payong tribute to Jimmy not to mention his dear wife Dulcie who has shown great patience and understanding over the last 35 years. Dulcie is a staunch supporter of the London Scottish Bowling Association and has given up many peaceful weekends to support us by being in attendance and representing us in friendly and tour matches. The membership owes her a great debt of gratitude. We are proud to have Jimmy Bayne as our President in this our 75th Aniversary year, it is fitting that someone with his record should be honoured in this way.
We wish Jimmy a happy and successful year and klook forward to an outstanding season under his guiding hand.

Friendly fellowship has been promoted by the annual President versus Vice-President game played in the first half of the season. The game followed by a meal has afforded oppurtunity for old and new members to become better acquainted. In recent years this has been the first match of the outdoor season. Over the last couple of years we have not had a President and this match has not been played so it is good to see it revived in 2009

Further oppurtunity for friendship is given by an anual Thanksgiving church service held in October in the historic Church of Scotland, Crown Court, Covent Garden, London. The short enjoyable service is followed by an informal get-together when tea, sandwiches, shortbread, pancakes, etc is served. These services have been well attended over the years and form an important part of the Association's calendar. These services have since been discontinued.

In 1949 one of our members, A H Rutledgr presented the Association with a Piper statuette to be used as a mascot. The statuette is exhibited at all our outdoor games and is affectionately known as "Andrew"

The Association has never had a green of its own but clubs have always taken great pleasure in granting it the use of their greens and amenities. Throughout the years the Association has been favoured with games with the EBA and touring teams from Australia, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand and the USA in addition as already mentioned , teams from Scotland. These notable teams have been the guests of the Association. The annual fixture list usually has comprised about 30 six-rink games - six or seven County BAs in and around London, some ten kindred BAs and some twelve with famed clubs - a number of the latter being clubs celebrating their aniversary years. The Association's first recorded fixture took place in 1921 against a New Zealand Touring Team played at Forest Hill BC -the Tourists being successful by 131 shots to 105. The first games against clubs were played in 1922 at Aldersbrook BC (re-opening of their green), Nunhead BC (to open new green) and Southgate BC (to open new green)- all three games won by the Association. In the same year the first Association fixture was against the Civil Service Bowling Association at Dulwich BC (a victory for the Scots) and this fixture has continued anually to the present day (1994) excepy for a break during the second world war between 1940 and 1944.

The first County BA fixtures were aginst Essex,Kent and Surrey BAs in 1928, followed by Middlesex in 1929, Herts in 1931, Bucks 1939, Berkshire in 1954, Bedfordshire, Hants and Sussex in 1955. Other County Associations played include Lincoln and Suffolk. Whilst on tour in Scotland the Association has had fixtures with a great number of the Scottish CBAs.
During the war years 1940 - 1944 a number of games were played in aid of various charities - the main benefactor being the Royal Caledonian Schools.

Since 1961 fixture lists have included the Edward Guinness Bowls Competition, a straight knock-out competition between the Association, London Welsh, London Irish and London and District BA (English). Since the end of the second world war the Association has played its part in the development of Indoor Bowls and the fixture list for the winter game has steadily bult up.

A Profile of Logan Smith

The story of the London Scottish Bowling Association would be incomplete without a reference to Logan Smith, who was a member from 1935 until his death on 7th February 1983.

Born the youngest of 12 children at Kilmaurs, a small village near Kilmarnock im Ayrshire, he was, as his county of birth indicates and claims, "An honest man".
He first came to England in 1914 as a sergeant in the Royal Flying Corps, stationed at Kidbrook in South London. Returning home in 1918 he qualified in Glasgow as an accountant and in 1930 came to London to join Reuters, with whom he stayed until his retirement, as Chief Cashier.
He was introduced to the bowling world in 1935 when he was proposed for membership of the London Scottish BA by his brother, Jimmie, who was one of several Scots playing for England at that time. Things do not change, do they?In all of his service he had the greatest respect for the elders of the Association - Walter Cross, John Calderwood, Jimmie Duff, William Ramsey, et al - and a genuine concern that no effort should be spared to ensure that things were done properly and that standards were maintained.
He had no illusions about his own abilities as a player, and viewed with some astonishment those who considered that holding office somehow transformed them overnight from two to skip. Inevitably his family were involved in all his work and, in the words of his daughter, Louise, who provided the all the historical notes for this inclusion, she "stuffed more envelopes and licked more stamps than I cared to remember", wondering what happened to the child slavery reforms.
Mrs Logan Smith was very supportive throughout Logan's career and fully deserved the reconition she was given by making her a Patron of the Association. She was quietly proud of this honour. She died three years after Logan, in 1986.
Logan Smith had a good singing voice, a genuine love and appreciation of words, a good sense oh humour and a keen eye for the absurdities of life. Aa a speaker he was comparable with the best of his contemporaries in the bowling wprld. The Bellingham Club, looked upon as the home of the London Scottish, stage the annual fixture at the begining of each season between the President and Vice-President. Logan's speech on these occasions was keenly anticipated by the members of the club and the Association. To see him standing there, held at the focus of scrutiny, and to listen to that wonderful Scottish voice make music of the English language, both in content and delivery, was an experience to be savoured, enjoyed and never forgotten.

The tapestry of the London Scottish Bowling Association was enriched by the golden thread woven into it by the life of Logan Smith. He will be remembered with fondness and respect down to his last contemporary.

Ayr tour 2011

The Ayr tour ably led by President Bill Dickie started at the Ramada hotel where the tourists met up for dinner and a general get together.
A Burns flavour was added by David McNeice and his pal.


We were met at the gate by the President of Lugar BC. and the London Scottish were piped from the coach to the changing rooms then onto the green. Giving us a good start to the bowling week. The weather made threatening moves but the rain held off. The green although patchy bowled well and we finished on 15 ends.


An evening game that was best finished before the wind dropped and the midges came out, again only 15 ends on a patchy but very fast green. The evening’s entertainment was just starting when it was time to catch the coach back to the hotel.


The Ladies played their first game in the morning and won, this put the pressure on the men to win, but they were unable to follow suit and lost . The green looked good and bowled well. On my rink I knew I was in for a good night when our opposing skip not only looked like one of our past members but had the same outlook and sense of humour.


Another evening game with our ladies in full support held at David McNeice’s club. The London Scots had another narrow win.

Kay Park

The men were up first in an afternoon game winning by a small margin. In the evening the ladies held up their end by also winning. The green played well and looked good. After an evening of being entertained by the comedy duo Two Jimmy’s and the solo artists in good voice it was time to catch the coach.
The tourists were clapped on to the coach by the members of Kay Park all aligned on the road outside the club house, which as it turned out was the last match against another team and a good end to the evening.


Due to bereavement Troon were unable to put out a team as most were at the funeral, however we were able to use their green and a spread was put on for us by Troon volunteers that had returned from the funeral to see to our needs.

Last night

After the dinner we were entertained by a local act Crooked Jack interspersed by dancing and our own superstars.


London Scottish 62 shots Lugar BC 76 shots

Highest Winning Rink

Rink Lead Two Three Skip Score
1 J Dickie R Dickie W Dickie R Anderson 18-7

London Scottish 98 shots Dalmellington BC 74 shots

Highest Winning Rink

Rink Lead Two Three Skip Score
1 K Brown B Walles D McNeice Guest 24-10

London Scottish 77 shots Ayr Forehill BC 88 shots

Highest Winning Rink

Rink Lead Two Three Skip Score
1 R Dickie With Held D McNeice Guest 17-12

London Scottish Ladies 54 shots Ayr Forehill BC 44 shots

London Scottish 76 shots Ayr Seafield BC 70 shots

Highest Winning Rink

Rink Lead Two Three Skip Score
1 J Dickie Guest A Dick Guest 18-10

London Scottish 102 shots Kay park BC 107 shots

Highest Winning Rink

Rink Lead Two Three Skip Score
1 W McCreadie W Dickie I Gillies R Alexander 26-11

London Scottish Ladies 39 shots Kay Park BC 35 shots

On a personal basis

President, Bill and Tour Organiser, Bob would like to thank all the tourists for making this tour a success. All were on time for the coach and acted as good Ambassadors on behalf of the London Scottish Bowling Assocciation.
They would also thank all the clubs visited for their hospitality and friendship shown to us, to congratulate them on their well maintained facilities and for all the good memories brought back with us.

Thank you

I am sure that all the Tourists, indeed all the members of the London Scottish Bowling Association would like me to thank Bill & Bob for all their hard work in organising the tour.

10th August 2010 Update

6 Venues for the men have been organised Lugar, Dalmellington, Aye Forehills, Ayr Seafield, Kay Park & Troon
3 venues for ladies have been organised Ayr Forehills, Kay Park & Troon.
Letters of confirmation of acceptance have been received/sent.
We have 24 men bowlers, 9 Lady bowlers & 4 non bowlers.
We have 1 man & 1 lady bowler joining us at Ayr making a total of 25 men bowlers & 10 lady bowlers.

11th July 2010 Update

We now have the venues booked for the 2011 tour to Ayr. There are 6 games for the men & 3 for our ladies.
We have 39 tourists 4 of which are non bowlers.

The programme so far is as follows.

25th June Saturday - Book in to Hotel - Dinner at hotel.
26th June Sunday AM - Church Service - The Old Kirk.
26th June Sunday Afternoon - Mens 6 Rinks - Lugar B. C.
27th June Monday Evening - Mens 6 Rinks - Dalmellington B. C.
28th June Tuesday Morning - Ladies 3 Rinks - Ayr Forehill B. C.
28th June Tuesday Afternoon - Mens 6 Rinks- Ayr Forehill B. C.
29th June Wednesday Evening - Mens 6 Rinks - Seafield Ayr B. C.
30th June Thursday Afternoon - Mens 6 Rinks - Kay Park B. C.
30th June Thursday Evening - Ladies 3 rinks - Kay Park B. C.
1st July Friday afternoon - Ladies 3 Rinks - Troon B. C.
1st July Friday afternoon - Mens 6 Rinks - Troon B. C.
1st July Friday evening - Dinner & Dance at hotel
Act booked for Friday Evening Crooked Jack.
2nd July Saturday - Breakfast - Book out of Hotel

31st May 2010 Update

To date we have 34 tourists consisting of 21 men bowlers, 9 lady bowlers & 5 non bowlers. We will be joined in Scotland by David & Diana McNeice both are bowlers, this will bring our tally of bowlers up to 22 men & 10 ladies. Both David & Diane are assisting me with hotel & coach bookings and if needed are willing to help finding clubs to accommodate us. Clubs booked so far are Lugar, Ayr Forehill & Ayr Seafield. Ayr Forehill will hold a lady’s game in the morning and a men’s game in the afternoon. I am still waiting for replies from Dundonald, Ayr & Ayr Hawkhill. I have others to write too if they are unable to accommodate us. I have written to 6 other clubs and have not been able to secure a venue; they are Annbank, Auchinleck, Cumnock, Dalrymple, Girvan, Kilmaurs & Cragie. I have contact details of the Auld Kirk for our church service on the Sunday morning and will book nearer the date. If any money is available for a coach tour out I will book one. Single rooms are charged at a premium rate of £15:00 per night. The appropriate number of double and twin rooms have been booked for our party. There are car parking facilities available. Matches will be arranged at six clubs. It is hoped to include three ladies rinks if there are sufficient men for 6 rinks.

I would like to have 4 to 6 more men bowlers on the tour to allow for people wanting a day off.

1st May 2010

The arrangements have been finalised for the Association's tour to Ayr from 25th June 2011 to 2nd July 2011. Accomodation has been provisionally reserved at the Ramada Jarvis Hotel. The hotel is located in Ayr town centre and has 20 double, 40 single and 40 twin en suite bedrooms. Single rooms are charged at a premium rate. The appropriate number of double and twin rooms have been booked for our party. There are car parking facilities available.
Matches will be arranged at six clubs. It is hoped to include two ladies rinks if there are sufficient men for 6 rinks.
The estimated cost is £390 per person. This includes seven nights bed & breakfast, dinner on arrival, end of tour dinner dance, the cost of travelling to matches, green fees and catering but does not include the cost of travelling from home to Ayr and back. The Council regrets the increasing cost of the tour but this is due to the inevitable result of inflation, rising costs and hotel charges.

If you would like more information about the tour please email London Scots or telephone on 07850 526854.

It is hoped that the Association will support the President elect and make this another successful tour to Scotland.

1st December 2011

Council Meeting and AGM dates for your diary

Council Meetings

9th January 2012

12th March 2012

14th May 2012

13th August 2012

15th October 2012


26th November 2012

31st October 2011


Please be advised that The Annual General meeting of the London Scottish Bowling Association will be held as follows:-

Date: Monday 28th November 2011

Time: 7 pm

Place: Herts Bowling Club, Bellmount Wood Avenue, Watford, Herts, WD1 3BT.

It is your Association

19th October 2011

Association Competitions

The Council regrets to announce that the Association Singles & Pairs Competitions will not take place in 2012 and are suspended until further notice

19th September 2011

The Guinness Trophy 2011

Sunday 18th September saw the London Scottish bowlers on the top rink at Sutton ready with their staunch supporters to take on the first challenge of the day, the team photograph.
It was immediately obvious that one our members had a new set of teeth installed as all can testify looking at the numerous photos taken of him throughout the event.
At the team draw we were drawn against the English on the top rink and after 5 ends the overall score was 27 to Scots and 20 to the English it was a game of nip and tuck up to the 15th end where the English were winning on 5 rinks and the score 84 to the Scots and 82 to the English showed that the English were not going to lie down quietly.
At the 21st end the Scots had rallied and pulled ahead winning on 4 rinks drawing on 1 and losing on one.
With a final score of 123 to the Scots and 104 to the English,
The Scots were in the final.
After lunch we faced the Irish and expected a hard game from last year’s holders of the title.
After the niceties of saying hello to old and new adversaries on the green the game started with teams evenly matched.
After 5 ends the Scots were copying their morning’s endeavours and were slightly ahead overall.
After 10 ends we were up on 3 drawing on 1 with a score of 56 to both the Scots and the Irish.
At 15 ends the score was still tight just 3 shots separating the two teams.
The Scots rallied yet again and with their supporters applauding and cheering their side on the Scots upped their game and started to pull away from the Irish going from 3 winning rinks on the 15th end to 4 winning rinks by the 21st and a 24 shot lead overall and the winners of the 2011 Guinness Trophy.
Final score LSBA 129 London Irish 105. Well done the London Scottish.
The English won in the afternoon against the Welsh.

30th August 2011

Reserves for the Guinness Trophy Team

These are named in alphabetical order and there is one other reserve who has asked for his name to be with held.
J Cameron E Finestone W McCreadie D Neilson With held

28th August 2011

Guinness Trophy Team

Rink Lead Two Three Skip
1 A McNicol P McNeillie J MacDonald With held
2 R Christie D Green C Cotsworth M Linn
3 J Dickie R Dalrymple D White D Adamson
4 J Burns A Dick A Neil J Lumsden
5 W Dickie P Kay R Alexander D Ingles
6 K Brown with held A Keating With held

14th July 2011

A Profile of our President & Senior Vice President


William James Dickie was born in Woking to Scottish parents, Father from Tarbert Loch Fyne and Mother from Lugar.
He has been on the council since he first joined The London Scottish and from there to Junior Vice President through to the 2010/11 President of the London Scottish.
Bill was Captain of the Cove Bowling club for 5 years until his retirement in 2010 from office in readiness for his year as President.
In 2010 he was proud to receive his Hampshire badge which was presented to him by the President of Bowls Hampshire at Bill’s own club Cove.

Senior Vice President

Alan Dick joined the Association in 1978 and has served on the Council on three occasions.
Alan was born in Oxford. His father and Grandparents hail from Edinburgh and his mother from Leith.
Alan bowls for Potters Bar outdoors and Woodside Watford indoors.
As well as winning the Association Triples title, Finchley Triples, the inaugral Hornsey open fours, Alan has also won his Club Championship.
Alan has experience in administration having been President of the Finchley Bowling Association in 1984 and Potters Bar in 2007.

25th June 2011

The Association Singles & Pairs Competitions

The Council regrets to announce that the Association Singles & Pairs Competitions have been cancelled

25th June 2011

A word from the Honorary Treasurer

Keeping the Association books gets me involved in chasing members for their subscriptions. Having to ask members for money is probably the most difficult part of the job. Unfortunately, like many other Associations we are losing members faster than we can recruit them. This will undoubtedly cause major problems for us in the future unless each of us does something about it. We would double our membership at a stroke if every member recruited just one new member to the Association. There are thousands of Scots in London and the South East who play bowls. Let's find them and sign them up. My message to the membership is, if you are proud to wear the tie and badge of the London Scottish Bowling Association, be prepared to support it by getting more involved. We are always short of Council members. Take part in as many activities as you can, nominate for matches, enter competitions and pay your subs on time, saving wasted time, effort and cost to the Association.

If you don't the Association will slowly disappear before we reach our centenary in eight years time.

We have a long and very successful history as an Association. Let's make sure that we reach and celebrate our centenary.

It's up to you.

12th June 2011

Hertfordshire Bowls Men's President 2011

Raymond Smith the President of the London Scottish Bowling Assoction in 2005
is the 2011 Hertfordshire Bowls Men's President

Congratulations to Raymond

22nd May 2011

President v. Vice-President Match

The result of the President v. Vice-President Match was a win for the Vice President by 6 shots.

The President's team scored 55 shots and the Vice President's team scored 61 shots

The top rink for the President, was Lead Bob Anderson, two Dave Neilson, three John Dickie & Skipped by Jim Wood.

The top rink for the Vice President, was Lead Name with held, two Eric Finestone, three Kennedy Brown & Skipped by Name with held

The Trophy was awarded to the Top Skip Jim Wood.

24 played and the Raffle made £71:00

5th May 2011

Information for the Tourists

For some reason there is confusion about the dress code for the Tour

The Honorary Secretary in his letter to the members clearly states that as from the start of the 2011/2012 indoor season the Association will adopt the Association Blue & White shirt as the preferred shirt for all games except that any member who does not have one or does not wish to wear one can continue to wear the white shirt and tie. It would continue to be a requirement to wear a white shirt and tie for the meal.

The dress code for the outdoor season which includes the tour is the status quo
Shirt and tie

5th May 2011

Fixture Cancellations

The fixtures against Wolverton Park No 4 on the fixture card dated 5th June 2011 has been cancelled
The fixtures against Albury No 18 on the fixture card dated 24th August 2011 has been cancelled

26th April 2011

A Message from the Outdoor Match Secretary

Hi Each
I know some of you have put in for games, can I ask those that have to consult their diarys on the games we are short.
And for those that have yet to put in for games can I have your application sheets in please.

The following is a list of the games that we are short of players.

Don’t forget the Mini.

Game 3 we are 7 Short
Game 4 we are 11 Short
Game 5 we are 7 Short
Game 6 we are 7 Short
Game 7 we are 2 Short
Game 9 we are 6 Short
Game 10 we are 7 Short
Game 11 we are 1 Short
Game 12 we are 6 Short
Game 14 we are 2 Short
Game 15 we are 11 Short
Game 16 we are 12 Short
Game 17 we are 7 Short
Game 18 we are 12 Short
Game 20 we are 11 Short
Game 21 we are 4 Short

Kind Regards
Bob Dickie

24th April 2011,

Indoor Mini International Report

The Selection Committee made their minds up on the team selection from the players who nominated and had played the required 3 games minimum prior to the closing date which is 6 weeks before the Mini or the middle of February.
It is not an easy job as only 4 rinks are required with at least 4 reserves as stated in the letter sent out to the members
Of the original team published, we had to make a few changes as 2 of our skips had to pull out, which meant 2 reserves C.Stewart & R.Roberts were called in

Some of the rinks were changed and the team was as follows

Rink 1 Rink 2 Rink 3 Rink 4 Reserves

Lead R Christie K Brown W Dickie J Burns J Cameron
Two R Dalrymple R Dickie A McNicol Withheld E Finestone
Three C Stewart J Lumsden D Neilson R Alexander A Greenall
Skip Withheld R Smith D Miller A Bennet

In the morning game we were drawn against the London Welsh and as usual a very hard game ensued. No side giving an inch with all the usual ribbing that you get when these two sides meet and the usual vocal support.
Over the four rinks the London Scots won 3 and drew 1.

Result - London Scottish 105 shots London Welsh 50 shots

(31-11) (15-15) (31-10) (28-14)

In the afternoon game we made another substitution as R Dickie asked to be replaced. We brought in E Finestone to replace him. The afternoon final was against our Auld Enemy the dreaded London Irish, who beat the English in the morning game.
As usual it was very vocal and the banter was flying in all directions, some of it was very complimentary,and some of it cannot be put into print. It was a very hard fought game on all rinks but rinks 3 & 4 were up against two very strong rinks, and try as they might the other two rinks just could not make up the deficit. On paper we drew, winning 2 rinks and losing 2 rinks but the shot difference tells the true story.

Result - London Scottish 70 shots London Irish 90 shots

(23-15) (20-19) (14-28) (13-28)

We came Runners up losing by 20 shots. Hard Luck Lads, Good Try.
Congratulations to the London Irish. Keep the Trophy clean till we win it back next year.

The Selection Committee would like to thank all who took part and tried so hard to keep the trophy that we have won 4 times in the last 5 years, also our supporters who gave us all plenty of encouragement

The most succesful skip was on rink 1 whose team won both their games, then came R.Smith's rink who won one and drew one. A.Bennet & D.Miller both won one and lost one.

Bob Dalrymple Indoor Match Secretary

14th April 2011,

Urgent Appeal for more entrants to the Competitions

We need 6 more members to enter the Singles Competition in order to meet the minimum requirement to hold the competition and we need 2 more Pairs in order to meet the minimum requrement to hold that competition
Whilst the final date for the receipt of entries is not until the 31st May 2011, it would be good to have a clearer indication before that date as to whether the competiions will take place.

Can we please remind you of the dates and venues of the competitions

Singles - Malden Outdoor Bowling Club - Saturday 30th July 2011

Pairs - Chesham Outdoor Bowling Club - Sunday 7th August.

If it is your intention to enter these competitions it would be appreciated if you would contact the Competition Secretary at your earliest convenience

14th April 2011,

Farewell to Jim Coyne

Jim expects to be residing in Australia permanently after the 22nd of May.
He sends his best wishes all London Scots and wishes them a successful but not necessarily a sober season.
I am sure that we all wish Jim all the best in this new adventure

3rd April 2011,

Correspondence from Bowls England

We have received the following correspondence from Bowls England
Club Newsletter Summer 2011
Programme of Events 2011
Charity Bowls Challenge Official Entry Form
Details of World Blind Bowls Champioship 2013
Potters Leisure Resort Advertisement
Letter re Friends of English Bowling fund raising
Letter re Recruitment Support for Clubs
Leaflet detailling aendments to rules % regulations

& The following Leaflets
Club of the year 2011
Friends of English Bowl
Mens/Mixed National Championships Worthing
Holiday Inn Leamington Spa
Recruitment Guide - retaining Members
Bowls England Civil Liability
Dales Sports Surfaces
Universal Assets Protection
Zippers Bowling Association
TLH Leisure Resort
Royal York & Faulkners Hotel Sidmouth
The Dorset Bowls Resort
The Bowls England Cruise Club

If any one would like to look at any of these then please email London Scots or telephone me on 07850 526854 and I will get back to you.

29th March 2011,

2010/2011 Indoor Season

Apart from the Mini Internationals on 17th April the Indoor Season has drawn to a close.
The final analysis is 8 games won, 8 games lost and 4 cancelled.
The Scots scored 1898 shots and our opponents 1730.
So I think that makes us the winners.
Well done to everybody who helped to make it a good season.

25th March 2011,

Indoor Mini International Team

Rink 1 Rink 2 Rink 3 Rink 4 Reserves

Lead W Dickie K Brown J Burns R Christie J Cameron
Two A McNicol R Dickie D Neilson R Dalrymple E Finestone
Three R Smith J Lumsden R Alexander D Miller A Greenall
Skip Withheld E Conley A Bennet Withheld Withheld
C Stewart

The Trials and Tribulations of a Match Secretary

Hello fellow members of the London Scottish Bowling Association.
My name is Bob Dickie and I have been the Outdoor Match Secretary of our Association for the last couple of years.
Over the course of the season we play around 22 friendly matches against some very good teams.
The venues for our matches are reasonably spread North and South of the Thames.
Our first game is the President v Vice Presidents at the Herts Bowls Club where it gives our members a chance to meet new friends and say hello to old friends.
If you want to play in that game just turn up. All that have nominated to play will play.
If your wife or lady friend is also a bowler she would be made welcome, we have rinks for the ladies too.
You might think the Match Secretary’s job would be an easy one.
It would certainly be a lot easier if more members applied for matches and late call offs for games could be kept to a minimum.
In a typical year. If for instance we have 157 members, of these 121 would be available to bowl but only 65 put in for games, leaving 56 members who will not play for the Association.
Our 2011 fixture list commits me to playing 508 bowlers over the season. The 65 who nominate for games play around 300 of that total.
This means I have to find 200 to cover our commitments to fulfil our fixtures.
How many phone calls does it take to get one place filled? Don’t ask. The other important factor is call offs. Last season we had 50.
The message I have for you is this.
Can all of you who have not put in for any games yet please try to put in for at least three games this season?
This will go a long way to help both myself and the Association.
We are all very conscious of the higher costs of travelling to and from the matches.
When these are added to the match fees it makes for an expensive day out. If you think I can help by putting you in the same match with another member in your area to share the cost of travel please let me know. The Association is well respected by County B. A., other Associations and clubs throughout 12 Counties.
This has all been achieved by its members, by their friendly but competitive attitude on the green and to a significant extent by our reliability in fulfilling fixtures with a full team on the day.
We are all proud to be members of our Association and enjoy the respect shown towards us but it needs your efforts to maintain that respect.
We need to fulfil our fixtures, try to avoid cancelling games and turn up with a full team. Last year we were close to winning the Guinness Trophy with the final result in doubt until the last wood had stopped moving. We have the team that can win it and I would ask your further support by putting your name down to play or turning up on the day to support your Association. A few friendly faces on the side lines supporting our team would make a big difference.
Long may the Association prosper and it can only do that with your further support.
Bob Dickie
Outdoor Match Secretary.

15th March 2011,

An update on the Association Competitions

To date for the Singles competition we have received 9 entries and for the Pairs competition 6 pairs.
For the competitions to take place we require a minimum of 16 entries for the Singles and 8 pairs for the Pairs.
If you are intending to to take part in either competition it would be helpful if you submitted your entries as soon as possible but remember, if you are successful, you must make yourself available for the Finals of both competitions to be held at Cove Outdoor Bowls Club on Saturday 10th September 2011 at 10.00hrs.
The last date for receipt of entries is the 31st May 2011.

A new Honorary Life Member for the Association

Robert Dalrymple was granted Honorary Life membership of the Association by the Council at its meeting on 7th March 2011
Bob has been a member of the Association for 19 years
He was President in 1998, 1999 ( shared with Robert Alexander) and 2006.
He was indoor Match Secretary from 1999-2002 and currently from 2009.
Bob is standing down as Indoor Match Secretary after the Mini Internationals

Thanks to Bob for all his efforts

12th February 2011,

A Message from the Association President

Dear Fellow Scots
I am honoured to have been elected your President for 2011.
I will do my very best to follow the high standards set by my predecessors.
I know I can rely on the help and support of all our Officers and Council Members in making this another successful season for the Association.
We have an attractive set of fixtures for both outdoor and indoor games. Our sincere thanks go to our two fixture Secretaries Bob Alexander & Kennedy Brown and Match Secretaries Bob Dalrymple & Bob Dickie for their continuing efforts on our behalf. Please try to help our match Secretaries by getting your nomination forms in as early as possible.
There are a number of important events during my year of office to which I would like to draw your attention.

President v Vice-President Game on Sunday 15th May To be played at Herts B C Watford starting at 3.00pm. All members who nominate will play and there will be rinks for the ladies. Do come and join us on what is always a most enjoyable day in good company. Any raffle prizes donated would be appreciated.

Tour to Ayr & District 2011 is a tour year and we will visit Ayr from 25 June – 1st July with our base at the the Ramada Hotel in Ayr.

Don’t forget to enter the Association competitions this year. A change of format to the Weir Cup triples is now a pair’s match which will be played at Chesham BC on Sunday 7th August and the Manson Cup singles on Saturday 30th July at New Malden BC. Both finals are to be played at Cove BC on Sunday 10th September.

Please let Bob Dickie have a bumper list of names for the Guinness Trophy this year. We have had no success in the outdoor competition since the year 2000 and it must be time for a change of fortune. This takes place on Sunday 18th September at Sutton BC.

My thanks to all the members that strive to make our Association work.

Good health and good bowling for the coming season.

Yours aye

Bill Dickie

31st January 2011,

Association Competitions

The preliminary rounds of the Singles competition will be held on
Saturday 30th July 2011 at 10 am at Malden BC

The preliminary rounds of the Pairs competition will be held on
Sunday 7th August 2011 at 10 am at Chesham BC

12th January 2011,

Update on Association Competitions

After several years of being Competition Secretary Kennedy Brown has decided to stand down.
Thanks to Kennedy for all his efforts

His replacement is last year’s President Alistair McNicol.
Unfortunately insufficient entries were received to hold the Association outdoor competitions in 2010.

This year, with the backing of the Council, Alistair will be making a determined effort to have both competitions played.

To do this he will require the support of the membership.

The Manson Memorial Cup will once again be organised as a singles competition. A minimum of 16 entries has been stipulated by the Council
as being the number required to hold this competition.
The Weir Cup will revert to being a pairs competition. A minimum of 8 pairs has been stipulated by the Council as being the number of entries required to hold this competition.
Venues and dates of both competitions have yet to be finalised. It is hoped that the singles will be held at a venue in the south of the area in which we play matches and the pairs at a venue in the north of the area.

When these arrangements have been finalised members will be informed

The finals will be held at Cove Bowling Club, the home of Bill Dickie our current President, on Saturday 10th September 2011. It is essential that you keep this date clear in your diary if you intend to enter either competition.

So now it is over to you.
Get in touch with Alistair and let him know of your interest.

3rd January 2011,

Council Meetings

The dates of the Council Meetings for 2011 as agreed at the Annual General Meeting are as follows:-
Monday 10th January
Monday 7th March
Monday 23rd May
Monday 8th August
Monday 17th October

At the next meeting on the 10th January the Council will be discussing amongst other items the Annual Dinner Dance & the Association Singles & Triples competitions.
If you have a view on these items please let the Secretary know prior to the meeting.


The membership of the Association now stands at 158.
The Match Secretaries urgently need your support to put your names forward to play in as many matches as poosiible.

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